Employers – How does this work?

SmartMouth enhances your current dental plan and works alongside to fill the gaps in coverage

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most common questions asked by employers.

About the Benefits

1. Does this affect or alter my current dental plan?

Your current dental plan (or whatever dental plan you choose in the future) will pay to the extent of its benefits and the SmartMouth benefits will apply to in-network treatment for excluded treatments.

2. Is this an employer or employee paid benefit?

While there is a substantial discount for offering an employer-paid program, we do offer access on both a contributory and voluntary basis.

3. Are there annual caps or benefit maximums?


4. What about employees that live in another state, will they receive benefits?

Yes, any employee that lives outside of the network footprint will have access to enhanced wellness programs.

Administration of Benefits


1. Can this be covered under a Section 125 plan?

Yes, this can be a pre-tax benefit.

2. How do I add or remove employees?

We can manage eligibility in a variety of ways whether that is through a file feed with a benefits administration platform, SFTP, or secure email.

What else do you want to know?

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