Benefits that Make

Employers Smile!

Make your benefits program stand out with a world class dental benefit.  Over 50% of employees are not satisfied with their dental insurance options.  Understandably so, dental insurance with annual maximums, limited coverage for major services, and exclusions of orthodontia and implant treatment makes employees feel like the coverage isn’t there when they need it most.  MORE 

SmartMouth enhances your current dental plan. 

Instead of replacing your current dental benefits and network, SmartMouth works in tandem with your plan to enhance affordability and access to dental care, including after-hours care, while incentivizing members to invest in oral health.  See why after-hours access is so vital. Link to Blog

Employees value Dental Benefits

Did you know that employees value dental benefits above all other benefits apart from medical coverage? Employees value dental benefits, even above retirement plans and being able to set their own hours.  Medical benefits dominate most of the budget and attention at open enrollment, but employees want a full slate of value-additive benefits. SmartMouth efficiently improves benefits and, more importantly, employee perception of value.   Here is another way? to think about your investment in benefits.   Link to blog

Features of the Program



Dental emergencies sometimes happen after hours when dentists’ offices aren’t open.  We help your team connect with an on-call dentist to keep dental issues out of the emergency room, which saves money for the employee and, potentially, the employer.

Ortho and Implants

While your current dental insurance may not include orthodontia and implant coverage, Smartmouth will have your team smiling wide with our ortho and implant benefit.


Root canals and crowns can be as painful for the wallet as for the mouth. Traditional dental insurance and lack of coverage puts them to a tough decision of whether they can afford to repair teeth.  SmartMouth makes this decision easier by making these procedures more affordable.


We deliver to your team co-branded communications that promote benefits, educate members on existing dental plan features and alert employees on the latest in oral care strategies.

Incentives and Rewards

– 25% of patients with group dental insurance have not been to the dentist in the last 12 months.  That is why we incentive through direct rewards encouraging members to maintain oral health and work with dentists who provide new patient incentives.


Our platform pairs well with FSAs and HRAs and works with benefits administration portals such as Employee Navigator for simplified billing and administration.