Dental Practices – How does this work?

A new patient presents their group insurance card and their SmartMouth card.  If the group insurance card is valid and the employer names on the cards match, the SmartMouth card is valid too.  No need to verify benefits with us.  You file the group insurance as normal and apply SmartMouth credits as warranted. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the most common questions providers have.

About the Benefits

1. How do new patients find me?

New patients will either find you on our search feature or through our customer service team which will connect them directly. We market directly to members in your geographic footprint.

2. Are members encouraged to utilize my practice?

We pay each member a $50 wellness benefit after their first visit to a SmartMouth provider.  We want our members to find you and utilize you again and again.   

3. What is required to be part of the SmartMouth network?

  1. There are three levels: Gold, Platinum, and Diamond.  For the Gold level, a provider must:
    1. Provide after-hours emergency call availability
    2. Accept major group dental insurance
    3. Offer new patient incentives (like a free Sonicare toothbrush)
    4. Be able to see new non-emergency patients within 21 days.

      4. What if I am not a participating provider in all insurance networks?

      We require that you accept a minimum of four of the major networks (Cigna, MetLife, Unum, Principal, Guardian, Delta, and Mutual of Omaha). Since members will have underlying coverage through one of these insurers, they will search for providers based on their underlying insurance coverage.  

      5. What if I don’t do aligners or implant procedures?

      That’s ok. We would love to have you participate in the Gold provider program.  However, those members searching for those services will not see you in their results unless you’re a platinum or diamond provider.

      6. Is there a contract?

      We have a two-page agreement that is as close to a handshake as we could manage. If at any point you want to leave the program, just provide us 60 days’ notice so we can inform members.  That’s it.  There is no penalty for leaving, so you can try it out and see if it works for your practice or not.   

      The Claims Process

      1. Do I need to verify benefits with SmartMouth?

      If the member’s underlying insurance which will be listed on the SmartMouth card is valid, the SmartMouth benefit is in effect

      2. Do I need to file claims with SmartMouth?

      We will confirm new patients so we can transmit their wellness reward.

      3. Do benefits expire?

      If the underlying insurance is active, so is SmartMouth

      What else do you want to know?

      Ask us anything, no judgement!