Benefits that Make Dentists Smile!

Grow not only your practice but also your most profitable procedures. 

Finding new patients is complicated.

Whether you rely on Google ads, mailers, insurance networks, or just hope word of mouth spreads; it is difficult to stand out.  This is especially true when it seems like there is a dental office in every shopping center and around every corner.  The American Dental Association estimates that there are 61 dentists for every 100,000 individuals across the United States.  In North Carolina alone, the ratio of dentists to individuals increased by 14.4% between 2010 and 2020.  Being part of the SmartMouth network helps you stand out because we market your practice directly to our members at no cost to you.  The best part, we pay members $50 to become your patient. 

There are 100,000 billable minutes in a year for a dental provider. 

Whether those minutes are totally booked with patients, devoted to low margin procedures or high margin procedures determines how financially healthy your practice is.  Partnering with SmartMouth allows you to access a pipeline of new insured patients, improve acceptance rates and reduce accounts receivable for your highest value procedures, all while not adding to the back-office burden of filing additional insurance claims.

Its time to get your unfair share of patients!

Features of the Program


New Patient Pipeline

New patients generate 3x revenue in the first year compared to existing patients, that is why it is so critical to have a robust pipeline of new patients.

Center of Excellence

High-Value procedures like aligners become even higher value to your practice as you scale and do more of them.  We help drive a virtuous growth cycle impacting top and bottom-line revenue for your practice

No Cost Marketing

Magnify your current marketing strategy reaching more patients at no cost.  Not only do we promote your practice to our members, we pay them $50 to become a patient.

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