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Our Story

SmartMouth was a concept founded out of the frustration of necessary dental treatment being unaffordable even for those lucky enough to have traditional dental insurance.  Paying thousands of dollars for uncovered dental work after the dental insurance finished paying is devastating.  Who can afford this?  The sad answer is not many people can.   Tough decisions are made whether to postpone or forgo treatment.  22% of Americans are so embarrassed about the condition of their teeth, they are anxious to smile.  

After much pain both literal and financial, we dove into the data and found that over 50% of those with dental insurance felt their insurance was inadequate.  SmartMouth was born as a dental benefit that filled the gaps, pun intended, which traditional dental insurance left. 


Meet the Team

Brad Owens

Brad Owens


23 Not my age, that’s how many of my original teeth remain. I am down four wisdom teeth and – five other teeth with one being replaced by an implant.  Not tough enough to have a hockey career to blame, the four missing teeth are attributable to inconsistent trips to the dentist (too busy, too anxious) for preventive care, an aversion to flossing, and a tough break in the genetic lottery.  Maybe its an overshare, but maybe it sounds familiar.  Having dental insurance my entire life was not enough.  Brushing was not enough.  Spending the equivalent of a small SUV was not enough.  Over a decade in the employee benefits world and what woke me up was not looking into the mirror at my own smile but looking into the faces of employees of my clients who also had “good” dental insurance but had chronic dental pain and missing teeth.  This occurs notwithstanding the fact that there are dental practices in almost every shopping center and corporate park struggling to grow their practices while hard working people with employer-provided dental insurance are priced out of the dental care they deserve.  Tired of seeing people lack the confidence to smile while watching their mailboxes fill up with fliers from dental practices, SmartMouth set out to transform dental insurance into a true benefit.

On the personal side, I reside in Huntersville, NC with my lovely wife Samantha and our newborn daughter, Penelope.  When new parent duties allow, we enjoy tennis, golf, and trivia nights.  In case you were wondering, a group of parrots is referred to as a “pandemonium.”

What We Are Building!

Our mission is to transform dental insurance into a dental benefit.  That may sound like a distinction without a difference, but insurance products alone narrowly focus on moderating financial loss.  In contrast, the dental benefit provided by SmartMouth is holistic and incentivizes and supports improved oral health, as well as provides affordable treatment options.  Oral health is not only linked to physical health but also confidence and wellbeing.  We seek to connect members, dentists, and employers who value oral health.

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