SmartMouth Dental Benefits

The dental benefits you deserve on top of the network you demand.

We Make Dentists, Patients, and Employers Smile!

We fill the gaps in group dental insurance programs so members can afford to say yes to a confident smile.


A confident smile is within reach.  Whether maintaining oral health or addressing existing dental issues, access to affordable dental care is easy with SmartMouth.


Reach new patients and grow your practice without being a marketing wiz or increasing administrative hassle.  Focus on what you do best, patient care.


Looking to amp up your benefits to attract top talent?  Tired of hearing that your dental plan does not really provide what employees need?  SmartMouth allows you to offer an actual dental benefit [that competes with the Fortune 500] without breaking the bank.

Dental Insurance That Makes Sense For Its Members!

Traditional dental insurance sucks.  When you need it the most, it covers the least.  See what we are doing to change that.

Insurance Programs With the Flexibility Practices Need to Grow!

Finding new patients is complicated.  Being a part of the the SmartMouth network differentiates your practice from the herd and helps patients say yes to major procedures.

Finally, Dental Benefits That Are Actually Beneficial!

In the war for talent, make your benefits program stand out.  Over 50% of employees are not satisfied with their dental insurance options.  SmartMouth enhances your dental coverage to create a world class dental benefit.